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Job candidates today face many challenges, the most prevalent of which are an uncertainty in career choice, too few interviews, and a prolonged and challenging job search with meager rewards. These challenges can be attributed to:

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  • a mediocre resume
  • poor self-marketing
  • minimal networking
  • weak interview skills
  • few positions available
  • huge competition

You may be the best candidate for a particular position, yet someone better skilled at marketing themselves will receive the job offer - which means you may be one of those standing in an unemployment line. If you want to be the best candidate who also wins, you need an edge - a unique, compelling advantage. Rather than settle for a mediocre job at a disappointing wage after a prolonged and exhausting job search, you now have a way to turn things around - to put time back on your side and money in your pocket.

Your success is our goal. With the right combination of coaching and customized marketing strategies, you will find yourself transformed from:

going from job search frustration to achieving your goal

Please explore this site and let TopDog Group guide you through all the phases of your job search, so you can be a winner in today’s tough market.